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What are the credentials to be classified as a professional dowser? Are there any formal qualifications, or is there such a thing? Is there a true "career" path for dowsers, or does one just consider oneself a dowser and that's as far as it goes? I wonder how one would "put him/herself out there" to help others on a larger scale than coffee table discussion. (For profit or charity) Thanks for any input! Lee

Sat Oct 06, 2007 3:04 am
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I have had a similar question in my mind. I was wondering what kind of level one must attain to be considered as a professional dowser.
I know that dowsing is a skill and its level can only be measured by empirical results. There still remains a question when it is reasonable to use this skill in so-called “operational” tasks. I think if there are official credentials or formal qualifications (although I am not aware of these myself) then I wonder how he or she can qualify as professional dowser?
Perhaps on way to do that is to keep track records. I recall a saying about how to find a good stock market trader. The answer was that if one can find a trader with good track records then one has found a good trader. May be this can be one way to evaluate dowser’s performance level and also his level of skill.
I am waiting for other opinions and replies.

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Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:37 am
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Sorry for being missing in action for awhile. Along with everything else on my plate, I've been busy grading 65 essay tests on the moral issues surrounding the abortion controversy (yes, not only am I involved in dowsing, remote viewing, and organizing the upcoming remote viewing conference, but the philosophy department asked me to come back on board as a teaching assistant this semester...) Unfortunately these temporary disappearances will be inevitable over the next couple of months.

Now for the subject at hand: Like the remote viewing field, the dowsing field has no centralized vetting authority that certifies professional status for dowsers. For now, the way proposed by Silver would seem the most plausible. But even then, there is no official entity to certify that even a dowsing track record has not been inflated or fabricated. There are two things to be kept in mind: First Caveat Emptor ("buyer beware"); second, the better you get at dowsing yourself, the less you have to worry about anyone else's credentials.

Eventually, I would like to see an objective, web-based testing system where people could go against simulated dowsing tasks and the statistics would be kept and evaluated in a rigorous way to help track skills and abilities. Obviously this would differ from an operational environment. But it would be a way of evaluating claims in a controlled environment that would provide at least some indications as to real-world performance.

I've briefly discussed this idea with the managers of this forum, and they are open to the idea but not yet ready for the learning, development, and expense curves that would be required to realize this project. Stay tuned!


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Sat Oct 06, 2007 5:46 pm
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That sounds like a great idea to me. Not so much as a way to certify "professionals" but maybe as a way to get an idea of the ability of those posting replies. Also, if anyone is considering doing a major project and looking for possible team members they would have an idea of the qualifications of the individuals they are considering for their team.
I also think it would be a great way to check my own progress with an outside source that would be less susceptible to my own personal influences.

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Sun Oct 14, 2007 2:13 pm
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