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How Do I Stop Over-Analyzing?
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Author:  Lee Lehman [ Sat Aug 18, 2007 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  How Do I Stop Over-Analyzing?

I have gone analysis-crazy. "If I hold my hand thus, will it make the pendulum (L-rod) more accurate?" "If I stand thus, will it influence the swing?" "Any pendulum will do, but is mine off balance because it isn't precisely shaped?" "If I close my eyes to a squint, will I be more accurate?" I'm prone to believe that none of this matters, but it still eats at me. I guess all of this is AOL, but it comes before I start or when I fail. Am I setting myself up for constant failure, or is the "science" necessary to do the same thing at the same time in precisely the same way? By the way, if nothing else, this experience is making me appreciate the patience and love of my husband to the nnnth degree! Thanks, in advance, for any advice you can give.

Author:  MagnusJansson [ Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:38 pm ]
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I feel like giving my 2 cents on the matter.
What you write reminds me of how Imy sessions were when I started with remote viewing. About one minute into the sessions, I was certain of what the target was, and it was all AOLs of cause.
For example, I perceive something rectangular at the site, so it must be empire state building, cannot possibly be anything else (LOL)
But I kept practicing and eventually that dropped off. So, I think it is the same with your concerns, it is all about practicing, every session is practice, also the failed ones. If you worry during session as you describe, then that is your practice, right now, and if you just keep it on, it will fade away.
That is my 2 cents anyway


Author:  Lee Lehman [ Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:54 pm ]
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Thank you Magnus. I think I'm anal retentive. Haha! I'll try to chill and let things be. I may be over-eager too. It's such a facinating concept. I want to succeed very badly. I practice ALOT!

Author:  MagnusJansson [ Sat Aug 18, 2007 8:24 pm ]
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I think it is like, we are trying to learn something that we dont really know how to learn. I mean, if you compare dowsing with learning to play a musical instrument or something similar, I would say that dowsing is quite different. It is not at all clear what makes it work, and if when one fails, it is not clear what was the problem. I think that this is what the protocols and procedures that are taught on the dvds are for. We dont know what we are doing (at least I dont) but at least I can follow the proceudre that I was taught on the dvds And of cause I hope that if I keep doing that enough, something will "click" and my dowsing will start to work.
I think that the difference is that we are trying to learn something on the subconscious level, so it is our subconscious that is being trained and not our conscious mind. Because of that, I do not really think that it matters much what the conscious mind is doing, if the conscious mind is worrying or not, it is still the subconscious mind that will make the dowsing work. So I would say, Dont worry, just keep on worrying, it probably doesnt matter much!
Still I am not an expert in this and I dont get very good results (yet), so take it for what it is.


Author:  Paul Smith [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:02 pm ]
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[I'll have to dash this off before heading out for the final day of my latest advanced remote viewing class. Hopefully I'll have more time to particpate in the forum over the next few days once it is done.... ] Lee, what you are doing isn't so much "analysis" (which has more to do with "wrong" information injected into the signal or the results in dowsing or remote viewing) but is more of a "control" issue. as in your conscious awareness/left brain trying to figure out how it can exert an influence over the process itself. In a sense, by holding the implement or moving it in a certain way (or even "holding your mouth right" or "crossing your toes" or "always wearing blue," LOL!) you are trying to determine if consciously-applied behaviors or conditions will influence the outcome. In effect, you are looking for a set of "rituals" that will propitiate the dowsing gods. :D

This is not an exclusive, nor even a new problem. We see it often, and many of us fall prey to it, in remote viewing. In fact, there are humorous accounts of Pat Price needing to polish his eye-glasses before a session, so he could "see" better, or Hella Hammid needing to wear her lucky socks to improve her chances of success in a session. The psychology behind it goes well back into human history, where people adopt behaviors or rituals to influence forces over which they feel they have little or no conscious control.

Also, human experience in trial-and-error experimentation plays a role -- if we are having diffulty or making (we think) insufficient progress with one approach, we try something else.

Since ultimately most of the work is done by the subconscious, consciously-applied behaviors are helpful only up to a certain point. Beyond that, there's no substitute for just following the basic process, letting the extraneous behaviors go, and just practicing until you "get it." Manguss's advice was very good for that reason.

Good luck in your efforts, and keep asking questions!


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