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another experiment any one?
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Author:  eugeneellis [ Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  another experiment any one?

I am new to this or any community endevor but as I under stand the rules this post should be ok.

I am interested in joining a group of Dowsers that dowse the sports e.g. NFL games for profit. Or the roulette wheel but I do not even know how to bet on the latter. I know on Paul's Dowsing tapes, I think it was Russell Targ who said he and some friends used Dowsing (and or Remote viewing) to win at the roulette wheel by betting on the correct color.

I had him, Russle, on my radio show years ago but we never got into that aspect of RV.

In any case if there is not already a group assembled perhaps some of us may want to form one? Ed (Dames) said you,... at best,... can only get 80% accuracy as an individual and up to 100% as a group. If were doing real money why not go for the group.

I think it is ok to give my personal E-mail for those that want to talk in addition and or instead of on reply post. Well, have a nice one please.

PS this LST how do I find the exact instructions on how to calculate that? EE

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