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reply to Paul's reply to my post
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Author:  eugeneellis [ Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  reply to Paul's reply to my post

Paul, I am in San Diego Ca

I am severely computer computer challenged at age 73 (almost 74) and I could not find how to ans your post to me bor a reply button. Wow.

I really wanted to learn to map dowse for my wife and my safe "sanctuary" and place to settle down. I work 7 days a week as an attorney now.

As a life member of the NRA and avid gun collector of military and other arms, I am not really welcome any more in my home state of Cal. and it's time for me to move on any way, but at this tender age I need San Diego Weather in a traditional America, with old country values, small farm or ranch to settle down and write books Fish and hunt ( at least with a camera gun) these days.

Paul: I plan to look at West virg (they have the American Dowsers Assoc there and the South is steeped in American Tradition and or Sodna, AZ or my ancestors roots in Rochester N.Y. but at this age and limited retirement funds I need a little celestial help.

If you get an opportunity to ans this, can you tell me where is the link to reply on your original post. sorry to be such a computer dork. Gene Ellis

Author:  Paul Smith [ Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: reply to Paul's reply to my post

Eugene--sorry for the delayed answer. As usual, I've been on the road a lot (just a couple of weeks ago, in LA even!). Being a bit of a gun fancier myself, I fully understand your need to leave California. But I don't know that dowsing will help you in this case better than a little analysis. And you don't have to go as far away as the east coast or to as expensive a place as Sedona. Reno or Vegas would be gun-friendly and relatively low-cost of living areas. I myself will be moving to Cedar City, UT in about a year -- housing prices there are very cheap, and you can't beat the gun-friendly environment. If Cedar City is too high in elevation/cold in the winter/Mormon for you, just down the hill is St. George, which has a large, healthy retirement community. The climate is warmer than Cedar City, but not (quite) as hot as Vegas in the summer. Good luck!


(By the way, the American Society of Dowsers is actually in Vermont, not West Virginia.)

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