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Author:  RVAIS [ Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Simple Simple SO/ARV Lottery Group

I want to set up a group of at least three other people and myself to do some very simple sensory only associative remote viewing sessions for the NY midday numbers lottery game. I realize this is a dowsing community but the protocol is so simple anyone can do it, and this site is somewhat more liberal than the RV site. The protocol consits of writing a cue (which I will provide) and a Target Reference Number (the date) a simple line ideogram (drawing a one second line across the paper) probing it (sticking the pen on the line) and writing down the first color (colour for yah limeys) that pops into your mind. IMing or emailing me the data by 10am EST(US). Doing your feedback looking, at the color I, IM/email you at your designated time you will choose.

I will play two $1 Tickets per day one for me (when applicable), one to be split ammongest the other three particpants $250 us (no making fun of the weak dollar) minus my one third tax responsibilites. After the first win, I will play two games per particpant per day.

Particpants must be willing to do this for at least 14 straight days. Starting lets say around April 15th, 2008 to Aprl 30th 2008. The more the merry if a four people sign up we will do the Win 4, five people the Take Five, ect. all the way up to 14 for the mega millions jackpot.

Please let me know by April 10th 2008.

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