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Author:  Hit&Miss [ Tue Oct 16, 2007 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Non Movement

Before taking lesson two I tried to train the L-Rods to indicate yes by moving outwards, and no by moving inwards to cross. While doing the lesson I found that the rods did not move at all except the left on slightly on the incorrect envelope. The rods were at an angle that would allow easy movement. Am I correct in assuming that this non movement is due to this being new to my subconscious and will improve as it becomes more natural. The way the rods are held also feels unnatural. Maybe I am fighting it.

Author:  Lee Lehman [ Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  Lazy Ol' L-Rods!

Dear Hit&Miss,

It's not unusual to experience a bit of non-cooperation from your L-Rods until you get more familiar and comfortable with them. Keep training them to respond as you wish and hold them at an angle that gives you the most response without them swinging independently. Most people find a place where they are on the edge of this. They stay in balance .... most often, tilted just slightly downward. That will be your "ready" spot.

Your training consists of purposely moving them slightly so that they respond the way you wish. A slight movement should be all it takes and a small swing will begin. If they don't move at all, experiment with your grip. You might be gripping them too hard, thus keeping them from responding. I'm not sure why your grip feels unnatural. I'm not able to see your rods to see how they're constructed, nor can I see your grip. There are many instances on the DVD's where you can visualize how others grip them. Finger placement and comfort are helpful, but this can be different with different people. Most importantly, you should feel relaxed and not stressed by the rods.

You best friend will be to practice training them to respond. Also, look at websites that sell rods and see if yours look similar in design. If you made them, check Major Smith's instructions on making them and see if you've gotten a facsimile of his meaning.

Take your time. Relax. Enjoy as you learn. It's a kick when they respond properly, I promise! I hope this is helpful to you.

Happy dowsing!,

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