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 Ready to Keep Track 
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I think I've become used to the different methods of dowsing, so will set myself up for success or failure ...... depending on my days. I find that some days aren't conducive and some are. This is the protocol that works for me:

PENDULUM 10/24/07
Write target question.
Say target question out loud.
Begin dowsing and focus on edge of target with pendulum periferally visable.
I'm going to dowse cards, so this is what I repeat in my mind during my sessions:
"Is this the (number) of (suit)? Yes or no. Trust the pendulum"
I repeat this throughout. I don't speak it out loud. If I get a "no," I turn it over for feedback. If I get a "yes," I set it aside until I've been through all the cards. If I succeed, my reward is to turn over the correct card at the end. If I fail, I'm obviously stopped in whatever place I am in the process. This is a process of elimination.

With my eye-blink dowsing, I use the same beginning protocols. (I sometimes don't write it down, but I firmly fix the target in my mind by looking at it. I spread the cards and give each a good 2-3 second glance, moving to the next. This is repeated until I get a flutter. I use the same words for this exercise, minus the "Trust the pendulum." When I get a hit, I turn it over for immediate feedback.

Using my mind, I use the same protocols and wait for a familiar feeling for a particular card and a pull to that card once I've moved past it. I turn it over for immediate feedback when I've had the pull.

If you're interested in what another student's general experiences are after a couple months of training, I'll post my results on the days I do them, with quantities of hits and misses. I think I'm about average, but we'll see. I'll start tomorrow and post in the evening EST. If I can't post or dowse, I'll leave a note anyway. My first post will be using the pendulum as my dowsing tool.

I hope this will help the group guage against something. I promise to post no false info. I'm like Popeye ........ "I yam what I yam!" If I'm having an off day, my post might be hits: 0, misses 10. You never know.. I'll post as a reply to this post, so check this forum if you'd like.


Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:28 am
Post Follow-Up: Ready to Keep Track
I started my dowsing this morning and decided I would get all the dowsing done today. Sorry to change my plans. I wanted it behind me. If anyone has any interest, this is what I did today. I'd say it's been an average dowsing day. I'm not going to claim a bad or good day:

6 hits, 4 misses
(In retrospect, I believe I could be hurting my function by having a mantra-like dialog going on in my mind while dowsing. I'll be trying to just chill and not have a really verbose thing going on in my mind. I don't suggest anyone do what I do, but do what works for them. I'm still learning!!!)

5 hits, 5 misses

8 hits, 2 misses

Well, that's all I can declare. I was using 8-card spreads to find the 9 of hearts. I did 10 trials of each method. I don't think I want to dowse for awhile. Whew!

That's my offering for you, my dowsing buddies, for awhile. I'm going to be quiet in the forums unless I have a problem or someone asks me, specifically, about something. I'd like to watch the progress of others and learn from you. I'll be reading, but not writing as much. I think I've shared all I know and maybe some of what I don't know. :!: :?:

I'll be around almost daily. I'm disabled, so this is my major hobby now. I'll be hoping to learn lots from you!

Warmest regards and much success!

Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:45 pm
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